About us

It all started with Adcotec GmbH

Today's beachemie GmbH was founded on 11 January 2018 under the name "Adcotec GmbH". The company's purpose is worldwide trade and production in the chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

In March 2018, a cooperation with an Indian company to develop an integrated production facility for food emulsifiers and acidity regulators in Europe will be launched and a business plan for this will be developed.

New orientation

Due to the corona pandemic in 2020, the emulsifier project with the Indian partner will be put on hold.

Adcotec GmbH is concentrating single-handedly on a sub-project of this, the development of a new, efficient process for the production of acidity regulators and "clean label" additives.

The process development is successfully validated in several upscaling runs.


An experienced, multidisciplinary management team is put together and the construction of a production facility for acidity regulators at the Chemical Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen is pushed ahead. In summer 2021, a suitable plot of land will be acquired in the chemical park for this purpose.

In autumn 2021, the name is changed from Adcotec to beachemie GmbH. bea stands for "B" Bitterfeld "E" Enzyme, "A" Acetate.

The company secures attractive financing partners for project funding, as well as corresponding subsidies from the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The building and BlmSchG application for the production plant will be submitted in December 2021.
Der erste Spatenstich erfolgt im Frühjahr 2022.


After almost two years of planning and construction, beachemie GmbH has been sustainably producing products and salts for the food, pharmaceutical and industry sectors since the beginning of 2023.

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